Born and raised in one of the most difficult parts of Mexico City, Evelyn Rubio continues to rise to the challenge of solidifying her blues credentials. She's got it, paid some dues and is now ready to step out front with her command of the stage, smooth and explosive vocals and sax (alto, tenor, soprano). At the age of nine, Evelyn began her professional theater and television careers. In between school and performing, she pursued dance and music and at age fifteen was supporting her family singing with live bands of all genres.

Later, Evelyn took up the saxophone and songwriting, music recording and appeared in numerous television commercials and toured in a lead role of Jesus Christ Superstar with a Canadian production. Over the next 5 years she divided her time between a 10 piece black tie orchestra in Mexico City and a rocking blues band (Chivo Azul) in Playa del Carmen.

In the U.S. only a month, Evelyn signed a multiyear recording deal with Calvin Owens on the Sawdust Alley label. Mr. Owens was B.B. King's band leader for many years, lead trumpet, composer and arranger of the Grammy winning album (Blues "N" Jazz) on the MCA Record Label, 1983. Mr. Owens produced an album on Evelyn's album (Evelyn Rubio La Mujer que Canta Blues) on the Sawdust Alley Label. Unfortunately, the Maestro died after the album was released and it could not be promoted but was picked up by a small indie label (Productions on Seaspeed LLC). Evelyn and Calvin were reunited for the album Hombres.

In 2009 Evelyn, along with Rick Lee, represented Houston in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. Evelyn has jammed with the most talented musicians in Houston and recently with the Nick Gravenitis Band (Big Brother and the Holding Co. Electric Flag) Paul Butterfield, Mike Bloomfield John Cippolina and Al Staehely Jr. She still gigs and records regularly with Al Staehely and his 10K'hrs band. Al Staehely, John Staehely and Mark Andes all played with the band "Spirit". Their combined band credits include Bob Dylan, Robert Palmer, Heart and Firefall.

Evelyn has dedicated her talent to recording and has just finished an album as a second lead singer on James "Boogaloo" Bolden's newly released No News "Jus The Blues". Mr Bolden is the current lead trumpet and Band leader for B.B.King (thirty plus years).

With dual-citizenship in Mexico and the United States, Evelyn Rubio is looking forward to the promotion and touring that accompanies her diverse musical talents. When Evelyn is not working, you can find her jamming at The Big Easy or Dan Electros.