Clayton Mabin

Clayton "Mister C" Mabin! Born in Houston, TX in 1963. Clayton has been singing all genres of music professionally since age 11... And the best is yet to come!

Clayton's releases include this cover of Have A Merry Christmas and this stunning version of It's Over. He's also featured in Traci Cooper's album Stepping Stone on the song Love Will Follow.

Clayton has this very exciting voice that captures the imagination and takes you away on a magic carpet ride. He can sound like Luther Vandross, Sam Cooke, and so many styles that he becomes so amazingly extraordinary. Clayton's talent will walk right up and knock you right off your feet.

Considered a child prodigy due to his amazing range, Clayton has performed in front of thousands of fans nationally and he has been the front man for local bands for the past 15 years. Clayton is committed to bringing back the good vibrations of old school R&B to a new generation of music lovers worldwide!