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You and your band truly got the dance party started
The Richard Brown Orchestra defined our event!
All of the music couldn\'t have been better!!!
With great ambiance\, gourmet food and the wonderfully diverse music of the Richard Brown Orchestra a great time was had by all!
You and your orchestra and singers were truly part of the magic at the GALA.
Thanks to you and your team\, the event was flawless!
The selections were perfectly presented and all who attended were delighted
"Richard\, I always knew you were the best... ...You\'re always my first choice"
Any band other than The Richard Brown Orchestra wouldn\'t have had the impact and suitability for the Symphony\'s Centennial.
Thank you for adding to the evening making it a fun celebration for all
You and your fabulous orchestra where absolutely AMAZING for the Johnson wedding ceremony.  Y\'all were all the talk at the reception that evening. You truly do fantastic work and I can\'t thank you enough for pulling it all together.
Your orchestra is stellar - I do not remember the last time I danced all night
Thank you so much for all you did to make our gala a huge success.
I truly enjoyed working with you and I certainly would recommend you to any group wanting to have a successful\, fun event!
Thank you for making the wedding such an elegant occasion!
You\'ve got the best band here Mai\, they\'re like legends/Gods...